Our self scheduling platform is designed to cluster book. By calling in, we may be able to coordinate the visit better. If booking a Chiropractic & Medical Massage treatment on the same day, please try to adhere to the following instructions. An hour Massage a 10am would normally have the Chiropractic visit at 11:30. This allows a 15min gap so no ones rushing to get you to another room. Our Massage treatments have a build in 15min buffer, but this is for changeover and talking with the therapist… not making it to the Chiro appointment. If Chiro is first say at 10am, then the Massage start at 10:30. This is because the Doctor can run a few mins behind at time. Scheduling too close together can shorten a treatment times >_<

**Please note that some insurances cover longer than an hour massage in addition to our newest therapy Shockwave!! Please call us if you have insurance questions. All of our Doctors & Therapists are unique in their approach to helping solve your specific ailment. We encourage you to read their bios prior to scheduling if browsing and new to our office :)